Bear Hollow Zoo

Bear Hollow Zoo is home to a variety of non-releasable wildlife residents. These animals have encountered a challenge that they could not overcome, either physical or behavioral, and have been placed here to live out their lives serving as ambassadors for their species. They are here to educate our visitors about the wonderful wildlife with which we share space.

The New Way to Interact With Your Favorite Animals.

The Bear Hollow Zoo app is a new, interactive way for visitors to experience the zoo and its animals.


Screenshot of Bear Hollow App's Interactive Map

Interactive Map

Our app offers an easy, interactive way for visitors to visually navigate their way through the zoo. Simply tap on each animal exhibit, and learn more about each of your favorite animals!

Screenshot of Otters' Animal Profile Page

Animal Profiles Page

Curious about your favorite animals? We've got you covered. Our animal profile page houses everything you need to know about each animal at the zoo – from their background to interactive videos about their role in the wild.

Screenshot of Bear Hollow Zoo App's Interactive Gaming Element

Gaming Elements

The app features a gaming element through both scavenger hunts and quizzes. By using the plaques around the zoo, users can correctly answer questions to reveal a piece of a picture – one question at a time.

The Team

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